About Us

About Mappa Testlab


A Women Owned – Alaskan Corporation was established in 1982 to provide Quality Control Testing and Special Inspection Services to the Private and Government Construction Industry.

Principal Officers

Jim Mack, General Manager & Responsible Officer
Chris Mack, Vice President & Field Manager
Erika Mack, Secretary – Treasurer
Stefan Mack, Engineer-in-Charge

Organizational Management Structure

Stefan Mack is the registered engineer for Mappa Testlab. Jim Mack is responsible for the overall daily operation of Mappa Testlab, Chris Mack is responsible for the daily management and scheduling of field testing services for Mappa Testlab. Brendan Mack is responsible for the daily management and scheduling of field and laboratory testing for Mappa Testlab in the Ft. Greely & Anchorage  areas.


In addition, Mappa employs experienced materials technicians during the construction season.  Concrete Field Technicians are currently American Concrete Institute (ACI) – Field Testing Grade I Certified and Concrete Laboratory Technicians are ACI – Lab Testing Grade II Certified.  Technicians either have or are currently working towards NICET Certifications in Asphalt, Concrete, and Soils.


Mappa has a  quality system which complies with AASHTO R-18 and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Certifications.


Mappa has fully equipped testing facilities in Fairbanks – and Fort Greely in Alaska.